You’re Engaged!!

First of all, assuming you’re reading this because you are newly engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!! What an exciting time and smart man for asking! SOAK IT UP! Speaking from experience, don’t rush into the planning right away, enjoy your time with family and friends celebrating you! Once the shock and overwhelming excitement starts to settle, then start the planning and we’re here to help!


1.Establish your budget
Between the two of of you, you must figure out what you can realistically spend overall and how much family is or is not contributing. This will alleviate any misunderstandings and potential hurt feelings. Even if you have a flexible budget, setting one will keep you on track and help when deciding what is most important on your wedding day. If you plan on hiring an event planner from the very start be truthful with your budget so they can recommend what’s best for you. We’re here not spend you’re entire budget but to direct you in the right way so you get the most for your money!

2. Guest List
First of all, if it’s not obvious already. The more guests the more you will be spending, so remember this when making your list. We suggest doing an A and B list and then going over each and really narrowing down. However, we DO NOT suggest inviting the A list then waiting for responses and then inviting the B list. That is not correct etiquette and feelings will get hurt. People understand that weddings are costly – we promise! Also, as you’re creating this list so start rounding up addresses at the same time. Finding addresses is time consuming and not something you want to be doing within a one night period. You will get burnt out and frustrated and no one wants that while planning!

3. Choose wedding date options
I say options because if you are stuck on one date you can potentially find your dream venue but your date is already taken or find your dream venue but it’s 5k less if you do it another month. We’re not saying give up on that date, but the more flexible you are the less heartache you’ll have and could potentially save money!

4. Hire a wedding planner
If you are working with Pure Lavish Events we can help you find a venue within your budget or you can hire us after you find your venue. Every event planning company is different so you’ll need to do some research on what they offer!

Now, when we say hire a wedding planner or consultant this does not mean an on-site venue coordinator but an independent professional wedding consultant. They have two extremely important roles but are for very different reasons. The reason for hiring a wedding planner is because planning a wedding is a full-time job. Not only is it a full-time job but do you really want several vendors calling you on your wedding day asking where to set-up, double checking the address is correct and seeing if you’re running on time while you should be getting your makeup done, drinking champagne with your bridesmaids and counting the hours until you see your future husband!?

I won’t beat a dead horse with a stick, but I’ve heard so many times that brides wish they would have hired a planner. It’s understandable couples want to save money (we all do on our wedding, including me!) but you also should be stress free and soak up every moment leading up to your wedding and the day of your wedding. Leave the stress to your planner, weddings are hard work – mentally and physically.

5. Relax
If you do hire a planner, sit back and relax. Your planner should be doing check-ins based on your to-do list to ensure you are on track. Trust your planner and know that they are looking out for your best interest. For Pure Lavish, know that you are never bugging us and we are always here for you! There are no silly questions! If you opt to not hire a planner (shame on you.. jk! kinda..) stay on top of things otherwise you will be overwhelmed the months leading up to your wedding instead of enjoying your showers, bachelorette and the fact you’re getting MARRIED!!




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